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Gives the complexion more light and vitality.

A cleansing product for daily use, perfect for a luminous and even complexion. It is a mild, neutral soap cream based on lemongrass, bitter orange, lemon, green mandarin and citron tea tree with jojoba pearls enriched with sweet almond oil.

Presentation: jar of 50ml


This aromatic soap emulsified with water and applied in gentle circular movements all over the face refines the pores and prepares the skin for the perfect absorption of other products

It cleanses and purifies, decongests and stimulates circulation, reinforcing defences.

How does Citrus Exfoliating Soap help me?

- Cleanses and reduces pore diameter.
- Improves skin tone while respecting the hydrolipidic barrier of the epidermis.
- Reinforces the skin's defences.

Our advice...

Mango butter, which protects and soothes the skin, makes this product suitable for daily use on all skin types. Frequency depends on age and skin type. From morning and evening for oily and/or young skin to once or twice a week for very sensitive skin.

Some of its components

Sweet almond oil: Its phytosterols and triglycerides boost the skin barrier against ageing. It activates microcirculation and has a defensive effect against the sun's rays.
Green mandarin: Organic essential oil with soothing, relaxing and antiseptic active ingredients. A delight for both oily and dry skin, which it reinvigorates while also improving its drainage.
Lemongrass: Calms and stimulates circulation and contributes to cell oxygenation.
Lemon: Reinforces the skin's natural defences, cleansing, refreshing and improving tissue tone.
Bitter orange: It has a rich, fruity and fresh aroma. It is an effective regenerator and skin tonic, purifying and revitalising the skin.
Verbena: It is anti-blackheads and a toning active. It also improves rosacea and skin blemishes progressively.
Citronated tea tree: Noted for its unbeatable antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.
Jojoba beads: Made from jojoba wax, these microspheres gently exfoliate without irritating, eliminating dead cells and stimulating their renewal.


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