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Instantly injects radiance.

This anti-ageing, antioxidant, tightening and remineralising fluid has a high concentration of active ingredients.

Presentation:15 ml bottle.


A perfect ally to illuminate and repair the skin at any time.

How does the Phytoaromatic Fluid help me?

- Erases fatigue marks
- Revitalises the complexion
- Protects from the sun
- Remineralises
- Moisturises and tightens the complexion

Our advice

It is the perfect foundation for long-lasting make-up. On cleansed skin, it instantly illuminates the face.

Some of its components

Pomegranate oil: It has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties and is noted for its powerful antioxidant action. It stimulates the repair mechanisms of the epidermis and prevents the formation of wrinkles.

Coenzyme Q10: Helps prevent collagen degradation, ensuring the proper function of cell membranes and boosting energy production at the cellular level. Helps maintain firmness and tone.

Sea buckthorn oil:It is a great sunscreen and a wonderful anti-aging active with regenerative capacity. It also soothes irritations, restructures and repairs the skin's hydrolipidic layer.

Hazelnut oil: Soothing, repairing and healing, it also contributes to the regulation of sebaceous secretion of the epidermal tissue.

Plant-based bio-remodeller: This delicious extract of linseed grains on birch juice has a proven redensifying and firming result. It works as an anti-sagging agent and prevents water loss from the tissue.

Prickly pear oil: Difficult to obtain, this precious and expensive oil, obtained from the kernels of the opuntia cactus, is exceptionally rich in vitamin E and omega 6 and 9 fatty acids. It is a fabulous anti-free radical scavenger that energises the skin.

Sandalwood essential oil: Stimulates venous and lymphatic circulation. It is a tissue revitaliser.


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