It all started as a personal project for our own use. We wanted to devise cosmetics that would be the meeting point between our medical expertise and beauty.

We consider the skin such an important organ because it regulates our relationship with our environment. This includes the image we project, but also its protective and modulating function in the interaction with physical, chemical and nervous stimuli. Therefore, it is our goal and our passion to enhance all these functions from a cosmetic point of view.

Nature is our source, where we find most of our active ingredients and where we conduct our research and implement biotechnology to obtain the purest, most effective and concentrated ingredients.

Thus, from flowers, fruits, seeds, algae, rocks, among others, we extract the subtle sugars which absorb the water that keeps our epidermis hydrated. And also the powerful enzymes that catalyse the reactions that ageing or photo-damage block. These molecules are the key that our skin needs to activate certain reactions which improve the skin's well-being. They are the way to achieve a cosmetic that goes beyond providing nutritional substances, providing elements that stimulate important functions. In this sense, we are talking about intelligent cosmetics.

We know that the skin is demanding and it is distinguishes between the products we offer it. This conviction makes the search for excellence part of our identity. Our formulations are complex and different because they combine medical knowledge, the potential offered by nature, research and biotechnology; all working towards the ideal of a beautiful and healthy skin.

Our range of products is small and our production volume is limited. We look for each ingredient around the world, searching for the finest quality and purity and the highest active content. Equally, we prioritize producers who work according to climate, soil and local economies. All this makes each production a complex and exciting adventure in search of what we believe will provide the best nourishment and shield for the skin.

We evolve and seek trends in order to grow with them. We know that time is inexorable, but we seek to avoid deterioration, disharmony and imbalance. We strive to ensure that the aging process is kind to our skin and respects our beauty and well-being for a full and radiant maturity. Ours is a new concept: well-aging.

We are guided by new studies in epigenetics that show that the expression of our genes can vary and improve depending on the stimuli we subject them to as well as environmental factors. Therefore, we offer cosmetics that influence gene expression so that it determines a healthier and more beautiful skin.

Our range is made up of different basic products that complete a simple but complete beauty protocol. The use of several or all of them and the way they are combined depends on the skin type and age of the user.

All of them are designed for facial use except one of them (THE EVANESCENT OIL OF THE ELVES), that can be used on body and hair in addition to the face.

The concentration and richness of active ingredients makes our line ideal for mature skin. But young skin will also find in some of them perfect allies for its health and good complexion.

All of our products contain Antileukin, a brown algae extract that acts as a biological sun protector, safeguarding the DNA of skin cells from photodamage and deterioration caused by environmental factors.

We told you about our experience in achieving this development. And now that we are satisfied with our result we want to share it with a few more.