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Powerful cream with the latest generation active ingredients. Genuine marine filler for age lines, eye and lip contour lines.

Brightens the look and brings a more youthful appearance to the face.

Available in a single 15 ml jar.


Combat fine lines around the eyes and lips with this formulation based on cornflower and chamomile hydrolates, lime blossom and witch hazel, cucumber extract, aloe, liquorice and prickly pear, avocado and passion fruit oils.

It incorporates Centella Asiatica extract, which has a healing capacity that stimulates collagen production, and ginseng, which tones and drains the bags around the eyes. Includes a marine active ingredient extracted by biotechnology from Arctic seaweed that remineralises and provides an injection of vitality and luminosity.

How does Precious Eye and Lip Contour Cream help me?

- Diminishes pigmentation, congestion and oedema of dark circles under the eyes
- Brightens the gaze
- Restores a more youthful appearance to the face
- Deeply treats and fills small wrinkles around the eyes and lips
- Drains puffiness in the periocular area

Our advice...

It is compatible with all skin types and should be used morning and/or evening and before make-up.

Some of its components

Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract: Marine ingredient extracted by biotechnology. It is an active ingredient with polymeric substances (ECPS) obtained by a sophisticated laboratory process. These substances applied to the skin tissue participate in cell membrane processes. It improves the roughness of the skin, helps to maintain its tone and firmness and fills fine wrinkles.

Supreme Linesweller: A true natural wrinkle "filler". This extract from the "lignan" family stimulates the body's natural mechanisms to increase the number and size of adipocytes, the cells responsible for skin volume and tone. Its active molecule, "sesamin", extracted from sesame (a plant native to Ethiopia) improves hydration and combats redness, as well as stimulating cell renewal.

Cerniclear: Super active ingredient of the white flower of paradise. It restores skin radiance, promotes an even tone, diminishes intraocular puffiness and counteracts dark circles under the eyes. Reduces pigmentation and improves oedema.

Green coffee butter: This is the product of the coffee plant before it is roasted. Its pulp is rich in active ingredients such as cafesterol and kaheweol. Both help to drain toxins and liquids through blood and lymphatic circulation, reducing bags due to their decongestive action.

And its oils of passion fruit, rice, and mango butter...


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