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Rice, mallow and red grapes cream contains exquisite ingredients that deeply nourish and improve skin tone, promoting a uniform appearance and tone of the complexion.

It is a moisturising treatment and repairing balm especially devised for devitalised skin.

Available in 30 ml and 15 ml bottle.


Its antioxidant effect through its bio-remodelling active complex extracted from flax is essential, with visible results, firming the tissues and promoting a more cared for, luminous and fresh appearance. It is a delight for the skin through its soothing properties, improves microcirculation in the tissues and provides a good dose of nutrition.

When should it be applied?

It is a day cream, but it is also suitable for evening use.
As a day cream it acts through powerful nourishing, soothing and antioxidant agents, improving microcirculation in the tissues and their appearance.
It is recommended for use on mature skin in the morning and/or at night and for young skin for occasional treatments once or several times a week or month.

How does Rice, Mallow and Red Grapes Cream help me?

Indicated as a treatment especially for devitalised skin, it evens skin tone, comforts and acts as a repairing and regenerating balm.
Its texture is rich and creamy but not greasy.

Our advice...

Repairs and nourishes skin damaged or irritated by external agents such as the sun, wind or snow.

Some of its components

Rice oil: This cocktail of antioxidant molecules is a perfect antioxidant complex. Its very complete composition, which includes lycopene, Q10 and minerals such as iron, zinc, calcium and potassium, gives it anti-inflammatory, healing and decongestive properties.
Lis oil: Contains phytosterols that increase the protective function of the epidermis and its elasticity. In addition, its richness in ethioline gives it the property of improving skin tone by lightening spots and preventing their appearance, soothing the skin and reducing redness and inflammation. Perfect for sensitive skin.
Plant bio-remodelling agent: Extracted by Biotechnology from flax. This protein concentrate has a proven redensifying and firming effect. Exceptional anti-sagging and anti-ageing active ingredient. Stimulates the synthesis of glycosaminoglycans, components of the skin's extracellular matrix that provide elasticity and volume. Prevents collagen degradation, helping to maintain the structure and firmness of the skin, avoiding the relaxation of its tissues. Perfect for dull skin lacking in tone. This cocktail of antioxidant molecules is a perfect anti-aging agent.


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