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Rich and complex water that moisturises by nebulising the skin anytime, anywhere.

Presentation: 100ml bottle


- Longer-lasting, natural make-up

- Moisturising splash with the purity of glacial water

- Moisturising and freshness on cleansed or made-up skin


Improves redness and irritation making the skin looks more radiant. Longer lasting and natural make-up. Smoothness with immediate radiance. Moisturising and freshness on clean or made-up skin.

Its Glacier water content, with its high degree of purity, makes it a highly recommended option for sensitive and/or damaged skin. It provides hydration, vitality, balance and decongestion, helping to alleviate the effects of skin imbalance.

Its organic extracts of Orchid, Greenland Ledum and Wild Pansy soothe, remineralise and bring immediate vitality to the skin.

Our advice...

Spray onto the face. If applied over make-up, the make-up is refreshed and moisturised, it looks longer lasting and more stable. The skin immediately enjoys the luminous freshness and comfort of this revealing water as well as its tightening effect.

For all skin types and all ages. Apply after daily cleansing and several times a day.

When mixed with any of our oils in the palm of the hand, you get an immediate emulsion that is very pleasant and provides another way of caring for the skin with the benefit of both products.

Some of its components:

In addition to those mentioned above

Yuzu hydrolate: Japanese citrus which purifies, tones and clarifies the skin. It can be used during the day because, unlike others, it does not contain photosensitisers. Its wonderful scent soothes the emotions and calms the nervous system. Suitable for all skin types because of its ability to slow down ageing and improve skin tone, but especially appreciated by fatigued skins to which it brings a touch of vitality.

Stymulal: A certified organic molecule from natural sources called calcium ketogluconate that interacts with certain skin glycoproteins to induce the formation of endogenous hyaluronic acid and stimulate fibroblasts to enhance elastin formation. In vivo and in vitro studies have shown evidence of improved skin elasticity. It also redensifies and tightens, gently smoothing wrinkles. The result is an immediate and sustained improvement in skin condition and appearance.

Hemisqualane: In the skin reduces the appearance of wrinkles and transepidermal water loss. It nourishes and improves cell metabolism. It also has the ability to improve redness and irritation and as a result of its use, the skin looks more radiant. It is part of the cell membrane and is lost with age. The hemisqualane in the REVEALING WATER is obtained from sugar cane in an environmentally friendly fermentation process.


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